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A Girl Grows In Berlin: Series P3

Prague Vs. Switzerland 

The amazing part is that you cannot compare the two.

1 trip Down 4 More to go!

And so it Begins....My trip to Switzerland was my weekend of unplugging. I left my computer back in Berlin, and put my phone away in my backpack. So that I could rewind, recharge, and absorbed all that Switzerland had to offer.

Day 1: Plane Ride to Zurich, Switzerland

Day 2

I thought Prague was romantic, but oh my Lord. Switzerland  takes your breath away

Things We Did: 

  1. Visited a church, Protestant Church, got in for free because we are students (Praise Break)

  2. Found the fanciest public bathroom I ever could see

  3. Walked through the streets of Prada, Gucci, and Coco Chanel stores, went in and pretended I could buy the entire store

  4. Went paddle boating

  5. Walked around and slept by the sea

Day 3

The View was amazing you overlook a forests, a city with a river in the middle, and to your right mountains with snow. It's amazing.

Dear Switzerland,

I will be back <3 

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