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A Girl Grows In Berlin: Series P2

Mornings In Berlin

7:30 AM : My alarm clock wakes me up to alert me that I must wake up in an hour. I am not a morning person so I need preparation in order to be stable 

9:30 AM : Turn on my favorite podcast, I rotate the days.

  • 1.  I am a member of One Church Los Angeles (Whoo hoo)  pastored by my spiritual leaders,  Pastor's Touré Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts.  Berlin's time is  8 hours ahead of Los Angeles so I have to listen to the most current sermons on Monday morning, and Thursday Morning instead of our Sunday Worship and Midweek Worship on Wednesday.  If you need a  spiritual God giving word in your morning. I recommend downloading One Church LA's weekly podcast on iTunes and tune in. 

  • 2. I am a listener of Friends Like Us hosted by comedian Marina Franklin featuring four women of color.  Each Wednesday they interview a powerful woman as a guest. There is a variety of woman who talk about  their career journey,  life experience, and politics. It's a real girl chat! Check it out on Itunes, Soundcloud, and CBS Network. 

  • 3.  I recently found a podcasts  called Joblogues.  Hosted by Joymarie, and Cortney.  Not only is it fun show to listen to but it's  informative.  The ladies make you feel like your sitting on the couch with your friends. I recommend it to anyone in college going into the workforce, as well as anyone already in the workforce but needs a program to help jumpstart their morning. 

 If you need to pretend you're in a conversation with your girlfriends on your ride or drive to work.  I recommended each podcast.  People have caught me laughing on the bus.  If you commute alone, like I do  it make you feel like your chatting with your friends on the phone . It wakes me up,  it helps start my morning. I feel rejuvenated  and alive!  So Thank you Friends Like Us , Joblogues, and One Church for bringing positive vibes to start my day at work

10 AM: Working at my J.O.B.

What do you guys listen to in the mornings? Comment below 

Berlin Week Highlights: Nightlife

Top Clubs: Prince Charles & Watergate 

 So, (cough, cough) Yes, Techno is played mainly in clubs. The first club my friends and I went to was a club called Watergate. It was beautiful, It was right off of the waterfront. The techno music was amped with the help of lights, which actually helped me close my eyes and enjoy the moment. My biggest advice is to be silly and just have fun.

But, I kept searching. Now, just to let you all know, I am a Hip Hop Head forreal. So, I researched and researched to find at least a underground club. Anything! Something with Hip- Hop. We went to Prince Charles club, sounds fancy right? But we had a whole night of hip hop, a mixture of old and new, and everyone was jammin. 

I've experienced going to a bar here called  Clash. More than reasonable, I'm talking, paying 2 Euro's for a beer. My favorite drink is called Snakebite which is a Cider Beer cocktail .

There's so many places to go....

This leads into my next segment. I find the experience that I am having here in Berlin is very special. 

Drum Roll Please.......

Long Lasting Friendships

Living in Berlin has not only been special because of my travels but the friendships I have found during my journey. 

My friends are a huge part of my adventures. I believe, when traveling with people, there's a certain bond. It's one of a kind. Maybe due to a mutual spirit of exploration.  During each journey, we are putting our desires into action, and it creates a powerful connection. Our energies begin to relate to each other. We are living in a momentous time in our lives, where we are molding into broadening our experiences, and learning as we explore. 

I find that the people I have met here were put in my life for a reason, not a coincidence. For this very reason, I know for a fact that I have found life long friends.

Thank you Guys for putting up with my dancing in the streets, singing Cheetah Girls, and my obsession with finding a Mcdonalds to try any place we go. . 

— Sydney Morgan

Together we have experienced mapping out the U-bahn, to shopping, to buying food, and traveling. It may sound simple, but we did it together and now that this has marked our 4th week we are much more comfortable in fitting in with Berlin. 

I am so excited for each of my friends future. 

I mediated with the idea of blending all of my travels into one big post. But I found it was just too much. There's a lot of information to share, and so I will separate them. However, this week in my heart guided me into dedication this week to my friends. It's important to give importance of traveling with others. Especially friends.

Have you travelled with friends? What did you experience? 

Be prepared to check out my Prague and Switzerland trip. 

<3 Syd

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