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A Girl Grows In Berlin: Series P4

Facing Fears, Meeting Angels and Hitchhiking

Trip to Budapest & Vienna

We Flew Ryanair, The duration it takes fromBerlin-Schönefeld airport to Budapest was about an hour and fifteen minutes. 

First, we visited the Shoe Memorial,  which is a memorial to honor Budapest Jews who were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II.  On the same street we stopped to look at the view on the Chain Bridge. 

What I observed the most in Budapest where all of the statues of lions they were in every detail of Budapest architecture.  In my question of why so many lions apart of architecture, I have found in my research that lions are apart of Budapest's urban legend. 

Next on our list was going to one of Budapest famous thermal baths. The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Its water is supplied by two thermal springs, their temperature is 74 °C and 77 °C, respectively.

After the thermal baths and dinner we spent our night visiting a recommended bar/ club called the Ruins bar. Then found a Pop Up Park.

Getting to Vienna

The experience getting to Vienna is one I could never forget. I have the true feeling we encountered an earthly angel. It was a miracle that we it to our bus to Vienna. Should I explain?

We left our hostel about an hour or two early so that we could sit down to have breakfast and go to the bus station. While heading to the bus station we became lost, our Google Maps routed us in a strange direction that clearly showed no signs of a bus station. We ended up near an apartment complex, and an older man appeared. He noticed we were lost and on the verge of panic. He came up to us, and asked if we needed any help. We explained our situation, and he said that he knew the way to our station. Instead of telling us where to go he took out the time to walk us to the metro to get up to the bus station. When we arrived at the station, which was less than a 10-minute walk, something deep down inside of me told me, " You're not going to have to pay." I didn't tell my friends my intuition but little did we realize the man asked us,"how many?" and he paid for our subway tickets to get us to the bus station. We almost cried. I declare that man was apart of the journey to help us.

We encountered a difficult situation after that were undercover security checked to make sure we had tickets. For anyone who is traveling please make sure you always valid your tickets. If not you will be fined. Pay close attention to the countries culture, there systems, and your surroundings.

Site seeing at night is an experience that I recommend for everyone to try. Theres less people, it's quiet. It becomes a calm adventure. It's peaceful.

Rollercoasters, Cathedrals, Music Museum, Streets of Vienna

If you read my last post on Prague vs. Switzerland you may have noticed that I fell completely in love with Switzerland. Well, with my experience in Vienna I will admit, Vienna is very close to my heart.

We visited the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the church is described as be the city center and has been the heart of Vienna for centuries. It is one of the most famous Viennese sights and was built in 1147 AD.

The cathedral was filled with so many people, but in the midst of the crowd it served for my experience as a place of peace.

The Trip back to Berlin was a moment in my life that I never knew would ever occur. The day was running completely smooth, we caught our train to go to the airport. Then, the train stops. Not at a stop where it's easy to connect to another train but of course in the middle of nowhere, at least to me in the moment. The train conductor doesn't explain why the train, the train is being cut on and cut off, and clearly there is a problem with the engine, h everyone is waiting. Until one of my friends says, we have to catch a cab we have 30 minutes, we need to go. We get caught, and follows us is a number of 30 people. Because we are so far off from the city, we could not get wifi our phones have no connection. People begin to call cabs, we ask for help but no one wanted to truly help us. Until we met a couple from Norway, I believe who helped us....HITCHHIKE. We crammed 6 people in the back of a tiny European car, and the lady driving was gracious enough to help us. It took 20 minutes to get to the airport, which met we have 10 minutes to reach our gate. Let's just say when we arrived, we had no feeling in our legs, a leg got bruised, and I took my sandals off running to get the gate. And guess what, when we arrived they just started boarding. I don't know if you have caught on but that was clear evidence of the favor each and every one of us has on our lives. I thank you for my family and friends who have prayed safe travels for us. The power of prayer is true, and real. God provided people in our lives on this trip to help get us to our destinations.

A True Miracle

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