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A Girl Grows In Berlin: Series P1

 You're probably thinking, A girl grows in Berlin? What is Syd talking about? And If you really know me you know I’m always on 100 with being deep. But my marketing skills are improving because I got your attention!  Yes, your girl Syd is growing here in Berlin.

 First, and foremost I cast my apology first to myself and to you guys who read, like, and follow me an apology, why? Because I’ve been learning how to balance. Balancing is HARD. PAUSE. I can feel your energy judging me, shaking your head like “Yes girl, where have you been?” Let’s step aside, and forget about grammatical errors in writing but  FORREAL balancing has been my…let’s call it, my hiccup. Hiccups in balancing Acting, alongside with wanting to Write, Work, and School. I then, I had to come to realize, that all of my hiccups were important to me, and if I put an effort in each hiccup each day, my hiccup alone would teach me how to balance them all.   

Okay, sorry I cast my imbalance away, hold my breath 10 seconds, and breathe and hope a hiccup doesn’t sneak back up.  

Refresh and Rewind

When I started college, I created a bucket list, yes, a list of MUSTS to complete before graduation. Some bullet points I had to struggle in accepting that it may not happen right now, so I had to move down list of MUSTS to the next bullet points I could call to action. Glowing right before my eyes was a sign from God himself.  Studying Abroad. 

Enough About Moi, You want To See Berlin…

Summer In Berlin

Walking around and exploring is the best way to learn the city. You quickly notice that Berliner’s come from all over the world, Every nationality is practically here.  Which means there is an array of cuisine to choose from. My friends and I spend most of our days trying new cuisine each week. We might get a bite of Kebaps, which are on every street corner.  Or dare to be different with the choices of Tibetan, Indian, Italian, to be quite honest the list is endless. 

Honestly, there is so much to explain about living in Berlin that this takes a series of posts that I am creating. Write to me what you would like to know? Write your questions below. In return,  look forward for more posts each week about my experience. Your girl is loving Berlin, and I am so thrilled to share my experience with you.


Photography By Mary Porta

Berlin, Germany 2017

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