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The Things you experience along the way

Updated: May 15, 2018

Let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6

I remember I had a meeting with God, I was about 10 years old, and I mapped out my life... Well let's be honest, I didn't map out my entire life completely. I remember one day, taking a piece of paper and coloring my dreams and thoughts. I created a vision board before I knew what a vision board really was. I recall taking my purple color pencil, (my power color) and wrote my wishes, and writing my name in different fonts, and drawing arrows to imagine myself for the future.

As I got older I started to have whole conversations with God about my career goals, where I wanted to go in life and to be quite honest, the type of people I wanted in my circle. I can’t remember all the specifics for the map I created, but recently I've noticed that the desires of my heart.. it was those things that God has manifested to become an existence.

Whether it was the toy car I had and said I wanted, without intention it's now my first car. The way I wear my hair (my natural journey), and studying art (Acting, Musical Theater, Dance, and even Fashion), then I end up meeting people I studied. I am a witness, and I know from facts and evidence by experience within my life that God truly hears. And here's the catch, I was consistent in my prayers. (Praise Break!)

Let I add, I didn't just wake up one day knowing what I wanted to do. Heck! I don't wake up knowing where I will be next year, but I have goals, and I have a vision. But, God hears, he gives you your blessings when you're ready to receive them, and he makes you discover and search for him. Y'all already know, but isn't it just great to discover? My recent experience, I have found within silence he simply talks with you. It’s a feeling.

Forever Pre-Planning

I have an A- type personality. Which means I am a perfectionist in everything I do. My mindset is (I must complete, I must conquer, and execute). Personally, I don’t do so well when plans don’t go my way. I will admit, it is a flaw that I am consistently working on. But, being a person who wants success and cannot live in incompleteness, and trying to defend my trifling perfectionist self, having an A-type personality has it benefits because I have a vision. Here it goes, ( cough, cough) You must have a vision and an outlook on how you see yourself in the future. You don’t have to have everything mapped out, but give yourself goals. It can be as simple as, I want to eat vegetables each night for dinner, to work out each morning, or to wake up each morning thanking God for waking you up. And to be quite honest, when you meet your goals is it like a breath of fresh air, then it is time to sip your lemonade and enjoy your accomplishment.


Recently, I felt like God had suddenly stopped talking to me, and simply just observed me. I felt like I gained free will. Too much free will. I would ask God a question and hear no answer, receive no sign, but simply deal with the thoughts in my head. I couldn’t stand the silence, so I told myself I had to figure out God’s new way of talking to me. I told myself if I cannot hear God’s voice then he may want me to feel his voice. It is a feeling of an anointing that is truly beyond words to communicate. My soul leaps with joy by having to find a new strategy, I found that my Type- A personality wanted a quick answer, and God slowed me down to be silent, he was testing my faith. If it wasn’t for the silence, I wouldn’t be writing, I wouldn’t have woke up from my somber sleep. I was blinded by my thoughts, and God silenced himself to allow me to feel my way through a storm. Oh, what an awesome God we serve.

Wrap Up

As a wrap, I want to end with the idea that communicating with God with all your dreams...Let me say that again, with the desires of your heart, and creating a vision is a great way in building a relationship with God, but remember God already knows what’s best for you, and his plan has already been set in stone. Pray to God, and have Faith In God, he is so amazing that within the mist of silence your prayers have already been fulfilled and answered, he allows you to experience life in order for you to realize his majesty. It's a journey, but Oh, he's with you along the way.

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